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Course description

Have you completed Senior Astronomy and are ready to continue extending your higher order thinking skills in maths and physics? Senior Astrophysics follows on from Senior Astronomy in the same online, always available, start anytime format. Enjoy the same access to our innovative student support systems which connect you to our facilitators quickly and easily.

The course is recognised by the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) and students​ are awarded a 'Certificate of Completion' on successful completion of the course. Many Senior Astrophysics students with a level of achievement above a C standard have been offered at least one scholarship at a leading Australian university. Content in Senior Astrophysics is also taught in 1st year physics courses in Australian universities. Students who have completed Senior Astronomy and meet the prerequisites can enrol now.


QLD State and Affiliated* Australian and Non-Affiliated* International

*Schools affiliated with The Learning Place

Note that the fee is charged once only per course. The School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (TSAA) will issue invoices directly to parents, schools do not need to collect fees on behalf of TSAA. The course can be studied across multiple year levels with no additional charges.

Course specification

Students will learn how to quantitatively model and apply the laws of physics to a wide range of astrophysics related topics which will empower them as rational and creative thinkers, engaging them in the acquisition of knowledge and the development and understanding of the physical aspects of astrophysics through active processes of scientific investigation and research.

Units and assessment

Units and assessmentsSubjects
Unit 10Fundamental Kinematics and Calculus
Assessment Item 1 Two-part supervised examination
Unit 11The Birth of Stars
Unit 12The Death of Stars
Assessment Item 2 Simulation and online exercises—Pulsars
Assessment Item 3 Assignment questions—2 week open book
Unit 13Cosmology
Assessment Item 4 Simulation and online exercises—Hubble Redshift
Assessment Item 5 Project: Estimation of Dark Matter in a Spiral Galaxy
Assessment Item 6 Simulation and online exercises—Large Scale Structure of the Universe
Unit 14Photometry
Assessment Item 7 Simulation and online exercises—Photometry
Unit 15 Advanced Solar Imaging



Recommended timeline for completion in 1 year:

  • 70 min/lesson
  • 3 lessons/week
  • 40 weeks/year
  • Self-directed study

Students can enrol at any time throughout the year.

A work-rate schedule is issued to students to assist them in keeping on track to finish in one year.

Course prerequisites

Year 11 Year 12

Highly capable students in mathematics and science

  • Completed Senior Astronomy
  • Maths Methods (or equivalent
  • Specialist Maths (or equivalent
  • Physics
Capable students in mathematics and science
  • Completed Senior Astronomy
  • Maths Methods (or equivalent
  • Specialist Maths (or equivalent
  • Physics

Senior Astrophysics is recommended for Year 12 or Year 11 accelerated students who have successfully completed the Senior Astronomy course. It is desirable for students to be studying Mathematics Methods, Specialist Mathematics and Senior Physics concurrently with Senior Astrophysics.

The concepts covered in this course are primarily mathematically based and can be quite challenging. Please refer to the unit content descriptors by clicking on the link on the right.

How to apply

To apply for this course you will need:

  • student contact details
  • parent's contact details
  • previous school results
  • school contact details
  • supervisor's contact details
  • supervisor to agree to the Supervisor's Declaration (in the enrolment form, at time of submission).

Students need to have a supervisor who will read and agree to the supervisor's declaration. A supervisor is someone who we can contact for queries relating to assessment and progress. Your supervisor will have to setup and supervise your supervised assessment items.


Submit your enrolment form.

Last reviewed 19 November 2021
Last updated 19 November 2021