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Online Senior Coding


24 x 7
Student Integrated Assistance
2 QCE Credit Points
Student Achievement Recognised by Universities
Course Overview

Interested in taking your computing and problem-solving skills to the next level? Senior Coding is an online course that can be started and studied at any time. Study over the weekend, school holidays or fit Senior Coding into any subject line around your other school based subjects. Our students have access to a range of Help and Support technologies that connect you to our facilitators using a Live Text Chat, Video Conferencing, Integrated Checkpoints, Q&A Forums or Email. Along with a certificate of completion, our students are credited with 2 QCE credit points at the time of course completion. Several leading Australian tertiary institutions are recognising our well established courses through their scholarship programs. Senior students, and highly capable Yr 10 students developing their computing and problem solving abilities can enquire.


QLD State and Affiliated* Australian and Non-Affiliated* International
$500 $550 $700

Note that the fee is charged once only per course. TSAA will issue invoices directly to parents, schools do not need to collect fees on behalf of TSAA. The course can be studied across multiple year levels with no additional charges.

*Schools affilitated with The Learning Place

Course Specification

Programming is relevant to both computing professionals and individuals who wish to be more than end-users. The topics in the course will allow students to learn programming using Python, but should also develop skills transferrable to other languages, paradigms and contexts. The course is appropriate for students wishing to have only a single exposure to programming, but is also sufficient for students intending to complete further programming instruction.

This course covers foundational programming knowledge (including language syntax and facilities) as well as strategies which allow programmers to apply such knowledge to solve programming problems.  Students will learn to analyse and comprehend existing programs and create solutions to programming problems by generating programs which apply programming strategies covered in the course.  

Learning Objectives

On competion of the course students will be able to

  1. demonstrate understanding of the programming language knowledge covered in the course by comprehending code in existing programs;
  2. apply programming language knowledge covered in the course to generate programs;
  3. comprehend programming strategies covered in the course by analysing programs which demonstrate such strategies;
  4. create solutions to programming problems by generating programs which apply programming strategies covered in the course;
  5. demonstrate problem solving in the context of programming through designing, debugging, implementing and testing 


Recommended Timeline for Completion in 1 Year
70 min/lesson 3 lessons/week 40 weeks/year + Self Directed Study

Students interested in the 2017 trial will begin in February 2017. Once the trial period ends, students will have the ability to enrol at any time throughout the year, as is possible with our other courses.

Course Prerequisites

Year 10 Year 11 Year 12
Highly capable students in mathematics with an interest in coding Capable students in mathematics with an interest in coding Students with a profound interest in coding

How to Apply

Students interested in the Senior Coding course should moitor our Facebook, Twitter and monitor this page for updates. Contact us for more information about Senior Coding.
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