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Total Lunar Eclipse - Easter Saturday

Configuration for a Lunar Eclipse (NASA)
All of the East coast of Australia will witness a Total Lunar Eclipse this Easter Saturday evening, 4th April.  A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth lies between the Sun and the Moon (Sun – Earth – Moon) as the shadow of the Earth falls on the Moon (full Moon).
Although the entire Moon will pass inside the Earth’s darkest part of its shadow (umbra), it will only remain there for a brief period of time (5 mins).  However, it will still be worth looking at and taking a few photos of.    
Details for the Eclipse:
UTC Time
Time in QLD
Visible in QLD
Penumbral Eclipse begins (P1)
4 Apr at 9:03 AM
4 Apr at 7:03 PM
Partial Eclipse begins (U1)
4 Apr at 10:17 AM
4 Apr at 8:17 PM
Totality begins (U2)
4 Apr at 11:58 PM
4 Apr at 9.58 PM
Maximum Eclipse
4 Apr at 12:00 Noon
4 Apr at 10:00 PM
Totality ends (U3)
4 Apr at 12:03 PM
4 Apr at 10:03 PM
Partial Eclipse ends (U4)
4 Apr at 1:44 PM
4 Apr at 11:44 PM
Penumbral Eclipse ends (P4)
4 Apr at 2:58 PM
5 Apr at 12:58 AM
A document has been prepared if you would like to do some projects on the eclipse: