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Selby Fellowship Public Lecture and Networking Event


Selby Fellowship Public Lecture and Networking Event

Senior science teachers and Year 11 and 12 students are invited to a networking event with international astronomer and  current  Australian Academy of Science Selby Fellow - Professor  Ray Jayawardhana - prior to his free public lecture at UQ. 

Date: Thursday 30th July at 4:30-5:30 pm

Venue: Learning Innovation Building (LIB), Building 17  room 202A

Afternoon tea will be available  

Register now at :

Public Lecture  6.00pm

Parnell Building (Bldg 7) Room 222

Neutrino Hunters: Chasing a Ghostly Particle to Unlock Cosmic Secrets

Move over Higgs — it's neutrino time. The incredibly small bits of matter we call neutrinos may hold the secret to why antimatter is so rare, how mighty stars explode as supernovae, what the universe was like just seconds after the big bang, and even the inner workings of our own planet. Take a thrilling journey into the shadowy world of these elusive particles, as astronomer and author Ray Jayawardhana recounts a captivating detective story with a colorful cast of characters and awesome cosmic implications.

Ray Jayawardhana is the Dean of Science and a Professor of physics and astronomy at York University in Canada.